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Magical Beauty

A radiant and happy woman – it is a woman who makes everything around her shine. When a woman is happy, she is able to rule the whole world, because she has the magical power of femininity. We love to multiply this charming feeling with beautiful and unique dresses that emphasize the special and sensual nature of each woman, making her feel irresistible, happy and feminine. Happy woman – it is happiness for the whole family and everyone who will be touched by her inner radiance!


Magical Beauty is the official representative of several designers, offering high-quality unique and interesting dresses to make every woman’s event special!

Magical Beauty dresses can not be without weddings and weddings can not be without dresses. The dress salon is closely connected with the wedding agency 2in1.


Wedding agency 2in1 offers wedding and baptism planning and organization, as well as traditional and non-traditional rituals for weddings and baptisms. Read more about the wedding agency here: www.2in1.lv, as well as you can contact us on facebook and instagram.

Dear customers, we will be waiting for you in our salon also outside our working hours, so contact us to make an appointment at a time that suits you.

What we offer

Small details

Designer Groups

We work with groups of designers – brands that offer exquisite and whit love created clothes, researching the best fabrics, various materials and lace. More than 20 years of  experience in the designer industry makes us feel confident about each created design and its uniqueness.

Dresses and suits

We offer wedding dresses and evening dresses, dresses for graduations and various events from clean and light lines to intricately created dress models. Choose your real one – a simple dress with clean lines or richly decorated with lace! We strive to fulfill the wishes and dreams of each of our clients.

Handmade and quality

Designers offer modern and unique designs created from the highest quality fabrics and materials, creating impeccable quality dresses in perfect execution. These brands have gained recognition and recognition in various countries around the world. Dress designs are like a real work of art with handmade details.

Wedding day

As witnesses of love, we believe that behind every loving and confident smile is a great love and a deep commitment. We know that you deserve this great joy of love. And we believe that everyone deserves love – the most valuable happiness in the world.

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